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Saint Joseph and the Vocation of Fatherhood March 19, 2023

The Fraternity of St. Joseph Men’s Group introduced the printable resource pamphlet of: 

“Saint Joseph and the Vocation of Fatherhood”, on March 19, 2023, The Feast of St. Joseph.

The pamphlet has been created to direct young fathers to the Saint Joseph Seven-Day Family Devotional for Intentional Fatherhood which, through its invitation to family prayer, will fortify intentional young fathers, and their families in the guiding graces found in our Catholic faith. This pamphlet shares powerful examples of fatherhood through testimony from both an older and younger father’s witness of leading their family’s faith. The pamphlet was made with, but not limited to, the intention of spiritual fathers and deacons handing it to young fathers during their children’s sacramental preparation. 

This FSJ Men’s Group “Tools of Reach” resource encourages the assembly of our spiritual fathers and deacons, together with our lay faithful, to prepare our next generations of Catholic men in the just model of St. Joseph. Leading our families back to the objective truth to be found in the Sacraments – the guiding graces, and the Sacrifice of Mass of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, is the goal. 

Brothers all, Step closer to yourself, and to your (spiritual) family through sharing this vocation of fatherhood pamphlet, and the Seven-Day Family Devotional it introduces in your faith community. 

Strive to be a just man – another Joseph!